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Train an AI Chatbot to answer questions on any document or website within 60 seconds. Enter the document or website, and let ChatCube work its magic! No Coding Required

No Credit Card Required.

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Yes, ChatCube is an AI software that will let you train a Chatbot like this on your website's content within seconds. Simply enter the url and let ChatCube work its magic!

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See how you can use ChatCube to create a personalized Chatbot

Train an AI Chatbot on any document or link

Paste the link to your public documentation or Upload a PDF and see the Magic happen! ChatCube automatically trains a Chatbot on your documents within minutes.

  • Website documentation
  • Online Blogs & Articles
  • Research Papers
  • Books & Novels
  • Legal Documents
Train a Chatbot on your data
Upload document or train chatbot with website data
Train Chatbot in any language

International Language Support: Train a Chatbot in any language

You can train ChatGPT on your website content in any language of your choice. Non-English characters are also supported!

Create a Chatbot in your language

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Advantage of ChatCube over traditional Chatbots

No Code Builder

Customize your chatbot's functionalities, design, and conversation flow using ChatCube's user-friendly visual editor, empowering you to build a powerful AI assistant without writing a single line of code

Lightning Fast Integration

Embed your personalized chatbot seamlessly onto your website, allowing visitors to access instant assistance without any delays.

Fine Tuned On Your Data

Train ChatGPT on your specific data sources like PDFs and website links, enabling your chatbot to provide highly accurate and context-aware responses.

Data Encryption & Security

Safeguard your valuable data with ChatCube's robust encryption protocols and stringent security measures, ensuring the utmost protection against unauthorized access or breaches.

Customizable Chatbot

Tailor your chatbot's appearance, personality, and voice to match your brand identity and provide a personalized user experience that aligns with your organization's values.

Latest AI Technology

Leverage the cutting-edge advancements of the latest AI technology with ChatCube, harnessing the power of ChatGPT to provide your users with state-of-the-art conversational experiences.

Experience the power of
AI Chatbot

Unlock your business's potential with ChatCube. Say goodbye to manual customer support and hello to unparalleled efficiency. Train your own AI Chatbot with website knowledge, FAQs, and blogs. Experience jaw-dropping support ticket reductions of up to 28%. Join successful businesses revolutionizing customer support!